Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blankenship Dry Goods Patriots Pants in Corduroys

Blankenship Dry Goods Patriots Corduroy  Pants
Great Quality and Price

Blankenship Dry Goods awesome Patriot pants can now be worn in the colder weather. What I like about these corduroys is they make a fantastic choice for pants in the bi-polar New York City weather. One day is hot and the next day is cold. They make great choice  because the pants are thin wale which makes the pant light heavier than regular cotton pants but lighter than wide wale corduroys which are very cold weather appropriate.The pants are a updated slim fit compared to the traditional corduroys. The pants are designed straight through the leg with tapered ankles.Great fit for the modern gentleman in college or out of college. Just like everything that is Blankenship Dry Goods, it's reasonably well priced! The pants only retail for $128.00. Made in USA or to be more exact Made in New York City.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Penn Avenue Eyewear: Martin

    School is back in session. The eye wear department usually get forgotten. While that's why I'm writing this late post instead of me sleeping to remind you. Actually in my opinion back to school shopping should start with your eyes not your shoes.Glasses are usually forgotten because it's doesn't fit the bill or it doesn't have that prestige like a coat, sneaker, belt or latest iphone. However lets not forgot first or second thing people do is look at your face. You don't want to be remember by having a lame eyewear game. Don't break bank just go to Penn Avenue Eyewear for these awesome Martin shades that will definitely get you compliments at campus or at the office.These glasses are
intricately crimped metal temples and bridge give this classic round frame an antique style. The Martin is slightly oversize and features a high keyhole bridge, ideal for anyone looking for a wider frame in a three distinct tortoise pattern. Remember shades close and complete style! Get them now for only $99!

Convoy Co: Document Pouch Seriously a Great Deal!

Convoy Co: Document Pouch  Menswear Made in USA
   On the days that a Filson bag is unnecessary to carry I highly suggested a document pouch for all the menswear enthusiasts working in professions where you're always on the go with important documents. Convoy Co. has the perfect document pouch for all your forms, pens, tablet and business cards.The pouch is constructed from genuine Italian cow hide. They are machine stitched with german polyester thread for ultimate durability and feature a nickel-plated brass YKK Zipper with a leather pull tab. The leather will gradually darken with exposure to natural elements like sun, water and oil from the skin.The pouch measures 8.25x12. The pouch is a great companion for the guy that carries plenty of necessary accessories. At the $60.00 a piece break a $100 bill and you still have money for the movies. Made in the USA for those folks that don't believe it.
Convoy Co: Document Pouch  Made in USA

Convoy Co: Document Pouch  Made in USA

Wey Hill and Wharf: The Preparatory Oxford Shirt

Wey Hill and Wharf: The Preparatory Oxford Shirt Made in U.S.A

   I'm happy with the resurgence of Made in USA goods in the past years. I also enjoy the neoprep movement as well. My style is best described as preppy.When I think of classic American style preppy is the most appropriate term. Preppy style originates from military, hunting and school influences. Wey Hill and Wharf has a awesome oxford shirt perfect for the all the preppies return back to preparatory schools.The shirts are designed and hand crafted in the USA. Inspired by classic American style and built with the highest quality materials.What makes the this oxford from other shirts is that it's beautifully decorated collar detail that reminds you of a vintage Brooks Brothers or J.Press necktie or bow tie.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Item I like:Over Under Clothing Wax Sporting Duffle

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag
Need this bag in my life

     Over Under Clothing is great brand for various reasons. Besides making many products made in U.S.A.The brand is credible as well. While the apparel looks great to wear. The brand walks the walk and can be used on the field hunting for it's actually intended for. I will be posting their fall stuff soon.However wanted to share this wonderful well crafted duffle bag that is perfect for the up coming fall season or even now.Whether you're throwing it in the back of your truck for a weekend in the field or the trunk of your sedan for a mountain getaway, The Wax Sportsman's Duffle is a well sized bag perfect for a hunting or a quick travel. Well designed bag with a waxed canvas rain repellent exterior. If you're looking for a bag that is as handsome and sophisticated as it is durable and long lasting, then look no further! The Wax Sportsman's Duffle is truly a piece that can be handed down to the next generation as it only gets better with age. The bag is made in U.S.A and it's guarantee for life which is a great investment. The bag will outlast you.
You don't need to think it over about it being a great buy.It's built from 18oz wax canvas, constructed with premium leather bottom and trim and rolled leather handles riveted for extra reinforcement  and outdoor specific YKK zippers very rugged indeed. The bag dimensions are 12H x 22L x 11D. It also has a lifetime warranty.  For all my menswear enthusiasts or individuals into the hunting lifestyle I recommend this wonderful handcrafted bag. The bag retails for $395.00 and you can get it at Over Under Clothing website.

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag
The flap helps shed off the water

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag
Outdoor specific zippers

Over Under Clothing: The Wax Sporting Duffle Made in U.SA Bag
You can get your name engraved

Monday, August 17, 2015

Festive Shirts from Billy Reid & Alex Mill

 Billy Reid  and Alex Mill  have a great selection of festive shirts that are perfect options for Summer. Festive shirts are a great way to stand out and look certified cool in the blazing weather. No need to fall towards the V-neck and Tank top. Billy Reid's Spring/Summer 2015 collection includes one-of-a-kind shirting featuring lightweight cotton in a variety of patterns. The Arthur Shirt in Green Foliage and Bronze Blue focus on comfort, while The Elwood Shirt in Brown Navy White concentrates on structure and standard fit.The Elwood is a one-of-a-kind shirt, featuring lightweight cotton patterned with our custom Hader print, styled with double back yoke, plus chest pockets on the inside of the garment.Part of the Heirloom collection of hand-crafted pieces made entirely in the United States The shirt is 100% cotton with Tortoiseshell buttons.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Alex Mill x Surf Lodge Bandana

One of my favorite summer accessories is wearing bandanas in neckerchief form.Two weeks ago, creative director Alex Drexler of Alex Mill debuts his exclusive collaboration with The Surf Lodge in Montauk. The Alex Mill x Surf Lodge Bandana, exclusively available on and is composed of featherweight cotton and features nautical prints. The design reflects a balance between the clean cuts of the Alex Mill brand and the relaxed atmosphere of The Surf Lodge. Thus, this collaboration is directly in-line with the signature Alex Mill approach to creating basic, well-made clothing with an understated, relaxed attitude. The bandana goes for $45. Seriously, don't sleep on this collaboration because it's selling out real fast. The bandanas already sold out at the Alex Mill website. However, you can still get it at Surf Lodge.