Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Res Ipsa Wool Loafers

     Ah, spring/summer, the season in which we wear seersucker, Madras shirts and linen pants and absorb the warm sun rays. Shoes completes the outfit and RES IPA definitely need to be on your feet. Actually the shoes will be the center of attention so forget about the outfit. I have mentioned the slippers before on the blog. The slippers were inspired by a visit to Istanbul, each loafer is handmade, crafted from vintage handwoven Turkish rugs, and finished with a durable leather sole and rubber heel.  Because each Turkish rug is unique and asymmetrical, no two pairs will ever be identical.
This pair of wool loafers is a one-of-a-kind. It is literally impossible to create two identical pairs of shoes, so the shoes you receive will be completely unique.The slippers are great option for the people that love wearing prince Alberts or velvet slippers but want something different. In the recent years, many footwear companies have been jumping into the velvet slipper bandwagon. If you wish to have that silhouette, but in a unique fabric click here

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EFM and Donrad Duncan at C'H'C'M

Founder of Habiterra Kenny Lee, Designer of EFM Donrad Duncan, and Celebrity Stylist and CYC Fitness ambassador Jasmine Caccamo,

    Last week, I attended a cocktail event and model presentation at C'H'C'M' on 2 Bond St hosted by EFM. Designer of EFM Donrad Duncan, Celebrity Stylist and CYC Fitness ambassador Jasmine Caccamo, and Founder of Habiterra Kenny Lee spoke with guests about modern urban living and design while enjoying refreshments courtesy of Heineken and Svedka. Technical outerwear is becoming more involved in our lives, many of us exercises before/after work and want to wear comfortable clothes. Also with the bad weather that New York City has been experiencing in the past years technical jackets have been the choice to protect you from the inclement weather.EFM stands for Engineered For Motion which is perfect if you're an active person. Designer Donrad Duncan gets the advance and technical fabrics from the Trinovation Lab in Hefei, China, which is a global leader in apparel development utilizing advanced technology. Trinovation Lab was founded to create a structured laboratory environment that pushes the boundaries of what luxury sportswear can become. Donald Duncan objective when designing the apparel is comfort, functionality and style. Donal and I were talking about how menswear has evolved, technical outerwear is becoming more apartment on fashion blogs. Gentlemen are layering their down vest with their blazer jackets. Who would of thought that  10 years ago? One my favorite piece of the collection is the trench coat which clearly on the picture I'm drooling while checking it out! The trench coat is made from cotton that is lightweight and waterproof. This jacket includes mesh vent inserts at the front and back flange to ensure breathability. The Spring Pea Coat provides versatility with its removable hood and adjustable waist. The trench coat demonstrates a great mix of military outerwear with 21st century modernization. Make sure you check out the rest of the collection!
Love the trenchcoat!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Southern Proper 30% off All Sale Items

Southern Proper Preppy
  Good morning everyone! Before you head out and start your day. Why not treat yourself? I'm sure you worked hard over the week. Southern Proper is having a weekend sale. Perfect time to stock up on some preppy clothes for  Memorial Day. 30% off all sale items with the code FETCH. Valid today (5/16) and tomorrow (5/17) only. Stay Crispy and start shopping! #SoPro2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Vineyard Vines Friends & Family Sale 2015

Vineyard Vines Friends & Family Sale 2015

   Hello everyone! The weekend is here and the weather is getting more crispy day by day! Upgrade your wardrobe with this fantastic sale from Vineyard Vines. Vineyard Vines Friends & Family Sale is here! Enjoy 25% off full priced items and 40% off of Sale with code: FRIENDS2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Prep Thursdays:1971 Tailored Shirts for Women Debut

Ralph Lauren Clotilde, aka Kristin Clotilde Holby Darnell
Babe! Clotilde for Ralph Lauren
      One of my favorite models and probably the greatest model to ever to grace Ralph Lauren advertisements have been super model is Clotilde, aka Kristin Clotilde Holby Darnell. Some of my favorite Ralph Lauren advertisements. Ralph Lauren once again took a page from the older brother (Brook Brothers), Brooks Brothers had a great success when they collaborated with Vogue Magazine and launched in 1949 the pink tailored shirt which was basically men’s pink button-down polo tailored for women. This shirt was a best seller and crucial point in the progression of Womenswear. In 1954, Brooks Brothers in NYC opened a counter for women to buy men’s shirts. In 1971: Tailored Shirts for Women Debut  and the polo player logo is introduced the same year, first appearing on the cuffs of women’s shirts.
Brooks Brothers Vogue Magazine  1949 the pink tailored shirt
1949 Brooks Brothers launch this classic shirt that inspires Ralph Lauren decades later

Monday, May 11, 2015

York River Traders Bespoke Vintage Nautical Chart Cufflinks


       York River traders continue to stand out from other brands by always offering originality in their products. Their latest accessory is Bespoke Vintage Nautical Chart Cufflinks. The readers of the blog that love the nautical life, I highly recommend you to add these cufflinks to your wardrobe. Each set is made from a real vintage nautical chart, hand-cut and mounted on solid brass, double-sided hardware. Making each piece is one of a kind, need to worry about seeing someone with the same cufflink. Even the packaging is detailed, each set comes in a cedar box with tucked in with a white hankie and includes a card listing the chart area, year published and scale. Made in the U.S.A Complete your outfit for a regatta event with these crispy cufflinks for only $169.00 get them now

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Cherokee Apartments aka Vanderbilt Model Tenements

The Cherokee Tenements 1912
     When previewing apartments in the Upper Eastside one of my favorite buildings in the Yorkville area  is the Cherokee apartments. The Cherokee apartments are truly a beauty. The building is located off York avenue between 77th and 78th streets. It has that graceful aura that many of the older residents tend to have. I never get tired of seeing older ladies pushing their carts while smelling like Channel No.5,wearing Hermes Equestrians scarves, Cartier Tank watch on the wrist and a Fur coats possibly from a Oscar De La Renta collection. While now the apartment is mainly Co-ops, did you know it was modelled tenements?
Contagious respiratory diseases had the highest rankings in the late 1800s end early 1900s

   The  building was the answer  to the problem that the city was facing, housing for the poor. A problem which still exists in New York City. This problem is even getting worse in my opinion. Tuberculosis was a major problem in New York City. Many apartments for low income families were small and overcrowded, making it the perfect breeding ground for tuberculosis. While it may not seem a like a huge amount, but at the turn of the 19th century New York City had a population of three and half million.