Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BlankenshipDrysGood Tailgater Fleece Native Print


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I'm a huge advocate of new brands made here in good old USA. One of my favorite brands Blankenshipdrygoods based here in New York City is doing a tremendous job. I featured the brand a while ago and I'm pretty impressed with the designs of the fleeces. It's January and we're months away from salmon color pants and polo shirts with boatshoes. A lot of us hate this weather. As I'm writing this post, the streets of New York City are filled with snow and worse its damn cold. Blankenshipdrygoods has these awesome native print pullover fleeces.

The Abeille Tie Bar Gold By Bevin Elias

By Elias Abeille Tie Bar Gold
Abeille Tie Bar

By Elias Abeille Tie Bar Gold
Abeille Tie Bar

   The tie bar is an accessory that never caught my interest probably because I like how the tie naturally falls out of place. Another reason why a tie bar hasn't caught my attention is because I think they all look alike. Well, my opinion on tie bars has been changed thanks to Bevin Elias. I have been following Bevin Elias since his Brooklyn Circus days and boy does this gentleman have style. I also met him in person and I can say he's a genuine, humble guy. Bevin Elias in 2013 founded By Elias, which are artisanal accessories that are elegant yet simple for the individual that wants to stand out. The Abeille Tie Bar or Bee, means in French translation seized attention from reality with its elegance and pulchritude. The Abeille Tie Bar was inspired by a trip to the Palace of Versailles in France, and the many bees encountered in the garden. I have always admired the majestic beauty and nobility of the bee and wanted to capture it through the tie bar. I also admired the characters of the bee, it's one of the hardest working creatures on this planet. This Tie Bar was handcrafted in Brooklyn by Persian artisan who has been transplanted in New York City. All the accessories are handcrafted to maintain the tradition of the American Artisan alive within the company, no matter the cost or sacrifice. This timeless menswear accessory will last and look good forever. The price tag of $65.00 seems fair get one.
By Elias Abeille Tie Bar Gold
Abeille Tie Bar

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Glovely Men's Leather Touch Screen Gloves Are Lovely

Touchscreen Freedom!
Glovely Men's Leather Touch Screen Gloves
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Glovely Men's Leather Touch Screen Gloves
Cashmere Lining

    When you're a real estate agent and fashion blogger. You're usually outside a lot. While this isn't a problem if you're in Florida, this totally sucks if you're in New York around January. Being a real estate agent and preppy fashion blogger I'm always surfing the net. I'm consistently reading emails, taking pictures of apartments and texting. This totally sucks if you don't have gloves. I'm not a winter person I get cold easily and I detest the cold feeling. I always wear gloves when it's cold, but I have to remove them when I have to type. Typing in bare hands in the cold is nothing fun. For a while I was looking for presentable touchscreen gloves. I wanted them to be exactly like my old gloves which was insulated with a fleece in the inside and leather on the outside. I was trying to avoid getting those awful looking North Face E-tip gloves that everybody has. Glovely is the solution to that problem. Glovely has these elegant pair of leather touchscreen gloves. The gloves are sheepskin leather with 100% cashmere lining keeping you crispy and cozy. What makes Glovely stand apart from other gloves that these gloves are invisitouch treated Sheepskin Leather allows you to use your entire hand on your phone-- no metal pads, cut-off fingers, or visible threading. Use your entire hand to type and swipe naturally, with your gloves on. The gloves are hard to lose with the Proprietary MagLove technology which, magnetically keeps your gloves together. If you're an avid reader of the blog, then you know how much I like getting my money's worth. The gloves are guaranteed to work with your touchscreen device for the lifetime of the product. If a product's touch capability ever fails, even after extended use, they will, replace the product or offer a credit for the purchase price for use with any other product on at their site. The gloves retail $89.00, which is a solid price for a glove that is dress appropriate in any event and comes with warranty.

Never lose the gloves

Southern Proper Wm. Lamb & Son Field Coat

Southern Proper Wm. Lamb & Son Field Coat

Southern Proper is one of my favorite brands. I truly enjoy the brand collaboration with William Lamb because he adds a genuine southern aesthetic appeal to the clothing. The Wm. Lamb & Son Field Coat is a great timeless piece of outerwear to be worn whether you're in a bar with a couple of the guys or actually hunting. Williams Lamb is truly an artist (I highly suggest that you to check his artwork) the details that he adds to the jacket like bird camo liner, beer bottle holder and shotgun shell holder truly make me want to leave the city life to a more simpler lifestyle. The coat is 100% cotton canvas; with corduroy collar; and corduroy gussets. It has 4 front pockets; drop behind hand pockets with sewn in beer bottle holder and shotgun shell holder. This field coat retails for $275.00

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy

 While I absolutely love my current glasses it would be cool to have an extra pair of glasses so I can rotate. I had the thought of getting a second pair of glasses for a while now. With a new year I felt like it would be appropriate for a little change. I have always been a fan of tortoiseP3 style glasses. Back in the day P3 glasses were actually made from tortoise. I took my consideration of maybe updating my eyewear look and decided to go to Penn Avenue Eyewear. These glasses aren't made from a tortoise, but from acetate. I receive my #hometrykit today I tried on the other glasses which are great, but my eyes are focused on these bad boys. Then, I pulled out my version of the#hometrykit and pulled out my Ralph Lauren penny loafers and my Harris Tweed Blazer. This is the true surrounding for this classic piece of eyewear. If you're curious to know my choice of pants also probably tartan plaid or corduroy. The semi-round glasses are made modern with a high sitting keyhole bridge. These acetate frames feature silver metal accent pieces on both the front and earpieces. While this style of glasses is known to be expensive, Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen doesn't hurt your pocket. Available in three colors: Black, Blueberry Tortoise, and Butterscrotch Tortoise at the price of $99 which includes prescriptions lenses check the site!
Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy
Natural surroundings

Penn Avenue Eyewear Allen AKA P3 Glasses Preppy
Preppy Sportjacket to go with my preppy P3 glasses by Penn Avenue Eyewear

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Brothers Crisp Holiday Chukka Get Your Stomp On!

The Brothers Crisp Holiday Chukka
    I have been following The Brother Crisp for while on social media like I said the last time when I covered them on the blog. Each month the brand releases a limited collection of footwear, which means each month you see this brand the blog, yet I haven't been disappointed with any of the boots releases from the brand. In my opinion, they're the best kept secret. While I was watching one of my favorite New York City real estate show "The Stoler Report" I decided in between commercials to check out the website. I fell in love with the rugged appeal of the "Holiday Chukka"The holiday chukka is another solid boot by the brand. It has all the goodies that make the menswear enthusiasts dream of like, vegetable tanned, 7 oz.Horween leather in a nut brown derby and lined with honey selling that will keep your feet cozy. They are finished off with a 10 iron Italian leather midsole and a black Vibram Christy sole perfect for stomping on the concrete streets. The boot retails for $398 and is limited in sizes. The Connecticut is on a roll with these monthly limited edition styles. If you want to break necks when you walk, then click here

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kiel James Patrick Captain Gatsby Belt

Kiel James Patrick Captain Gatsby Belt Preppy

Kiel James Patrick is brand that every year grows and gets better. Kiel James Patrick is a great designer and a superlative dresser. I consider him the Ralph Lauren of the 21st century. I decided to check out the website before I went to sleep. I'm a clothing enthusiast or maybe in more honest words, addicted to clothes I must have everything in large quantity. I have a decent festive sweater collection, my watch collection is around 14, and shoe collection I lost count. Recently I have been looking into belts.